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Your donation to TEXO is an investment into our industry's future.  Your support of the initiatives below ensures we can all Build Texas Proud!

TEXO Advocacy Fund

Types of contributions: Corporate

Contributions made to the TEXO Advocacy Fund are used to support initiatives, issues and events where corporate funding is allowed by law for public advocacy. TEXO Governmental Affairs aims to expand construction markets and reduce business cost within the geographical regions of our state. Through credible and expert advocacy at all levels of government, TEXO ensures that Texas Legislators and regulators comprehend the impacts of policies on commercial construction businesses. TEXO facilitates the involvement of its members in government affairs that provides for a powerful and respected voice in the local, state and federal policy making process. 

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TEXO Foundation

Types of Contributions: Corporate, Individual
Tax Deductible: Yes

TEXO Foundation is a 501c3 organization supporting TEXO members by tackling the current construction labor shortage and encouraging the best and brightest students to pursue careers in construction. The organization has two main focus areas- high school outreach and college outreach.

To educate, recruit, train, and retain the next generation of construction professionals.

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TEXO Political Action Committee

Types of Contributions: Individual
Tax Deductible: No

Every year the TEXO PAC contributes to politicians at the local and state levels. The TEXO Governmental Affairs Committee is continually analyzing candidates and their campaign needs.  Support candidates that are pro-construction and take a stand for your industry today! 

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