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Chili Cook-off


Competition Information 

  • Gates Open Saturday, October 17 at 7:00am for Chili Set-Up
  • Cooks meeting, Saturday, October 17 8:00am at the large tent
  • Turn in Time, Saturday, October 17 1:00pm 

Click here for Chili-Cook-off Rules

TEXO Chili Cook-off - $175 per team

Judging Information & Criteria

Turn-in time for chili is 1:00pm.
No chili will be accepted after that time. Your chili will be blind judged on the following five criteria:

Aroma — Chili should smell appetizing.

Consistency — Chili should be a smooth combination of meat and gravy.

Color — Chili should look appetizing.

Taste — Chili should taste good.

Aftertaste — Chili should leave a pleasant taste after swallowing.

The public will vote on the Best Cook Site and the People's Choice Award.

  • The Best Cook Site award will go to the team that is voted by the public as having the most creative/interactive/entertaining cooking site. Awards will be given for the Top 3 cook sites.
  • The People's Choice Award will be given to the team that is voted as having the best chili by the public and teams involved in the Chili Cook-off. This award will be given to only the Top Team.
  • The Official Chili Judges will award the 1st Place Habanera, 2nd Place Serrano and 3rd Place Jalapeño Pepper awards to the top 3 teams in the cook-off.
  • The Company who collects the most food items and delivers to cook-off will be recognized with other winners and receive a plaque.

General Rules & Guidelines

  • Traditional chili for this competition is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats, cooked with chili peppers, spices and other ingredients.
  • CHILI COOKED ON SITE – All chili must be cooked from scratch and onsite the day of the cook-off. All chili must be prepared in the open. We encourage propane cooking due to lack of electricity. (No cooking in motor homes, etc.). Please come prepared with water containers if needed as water is not available. 
  • QUANTITY TO BE COOKED – because chili will be served to the public after judging, you must cook at least 2 gallons of chili. 
  • ONE CHILI PER TEAM – Each team is responsible for preparing one pot of chili that can be judged and turning in one judging cup from that pot. No more than one judging sample can be taken from any one pot. 

Items Teams Supply

  • Cooking equipment & fuel
  • Cooking ingredients including meat, spices, etc.
  • Any condiments that you believe should be served with your chili.
  • Table and chairs – for cooking and sitting. Generally, you will have an approximate 18' x 30' cooking and show space.
  • Tent (if needed/desired)
  • Sign(s) to identify your team and team sponsor.
  • Props, costume(s) and other gear if you want to enter Best Cook Site competition.
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